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    Exxson Group

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    Exxson Group Ltd.
    Exxson Group was founded in 2007, owns twelve wholly-owned subsidiaries in domestic and overseas companies. The headquarters located in Wuqing District, Tianjin, China, covers an area of more than 300 acres, with register capital of 400 million yuan, annual output value of 960 million yuan. The group has 562 employees, including professional and technical personnel 51 people, foreign staff of 38 people. Since founded, the

    company adhere to the pioneering and innovative, creatively adapted the standardized management method; promote the quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system; take standardize management, scientific operation as the main line, establish a scientific concept of development and improve the core competencies.

    After more than 10 years of development, Exxson has become the backbone of wind power industry field, the pointed manufacture of the state’s major technical equipment. Exxson developed from several companies into dozens of large group companies, fully shows the Exxson's strong staff size and strong economic strength, which made a solid foundation for Exxson to become a global leader enterprise.

    Until now, our Group not only owns twelve wholly-owned subsidiaries companies, twelve domestic sales offices, but also set up five major domestic product research and development centers in Tianjin, Hebei, Qingdao, Dalian, Changzhou, and Germany Münster overseas production basis. Exxson always adhere to the market demand-oriented, each product was born based on rigorous, detailed market research, through the feasibility study of the technical upgrades and technological breakthroughs, finally start of the product market, and gradually formed a research process to discovery of demand, technology research, technological breakthroughs. Our product sales network not only all over the country, but also exported to the United States, Germany, Romania, Mexico, Australia and other European and American, Australian countries, large enterprises at home and abroad have extensive cooperation and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Our products in the Asia-Pacific region's countries. The market occupation increases year by year, has surpassed the other domestic and foreign counterparts in the same industry, become the first in the country! Our goal is not only that, but also get a place in the global, become the leader in wind power industry!

    Looking ahead, opportunities and challenges coexist, Exxson Group actively adjusts the development strategy, seize the initiative chance of concrete setup platform with the development of vision, import the advanced technology from Germany Goracon ,become the market leader in the field of high-access field and provide a professional solutions to all the field of high-altitude operations at home and abroad.

    Exxson Group provides the project planning - product design - project management - flexible manufacturing - high quality, mass production and control of system services. Exxson Group’s complete internal management system and strong technology, earned the industry veterans and customers recognition, audited as "excellent supplier" by a number of customers.

    Technology is endless, the heart without boundaries, Exxson Group is taking the pace of internationalization of the industry and marketing globalization. The company are providing the best quality products to the customers all the world, using domestic and international advanced management concepts and production processes.

    The company builds the platform for the growth of the staffs, create a win-win situation for partners, make the greatest contribution for the community. Exxson Group, take casting a hundred years of excellence enterprise, build an international classic brand as the vision. The company is indomitable, with integrity and responsibility, sailing out of the sea, heading for a more magnificent future!

  2. Exxson (Tianjin) Metallic Products Co.,
  3. Ltd Hebei Exxson Electric Co., Ltd.
  4. Cooper (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd.
  5. Exxson (Qingdao) Energy Technology Co.,
  6. Ltd Exxson (Jiangsu) Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd
  7. Exxson (Chengdu) Automation Control Co., Ltd
  8. Exxson International Trade Co., Ltd
  9. Exxson Industrial Co., Ltd
  10. Beijing Time-Tech Co., Ltd
  11. Yinglian (Tianjin) Investment Co., Ltd.
  12. Exxson International Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited
  13. Exxson (Germany) Technology GmbH

  14. Exxson Group includes: wind power, nuclear power, solar energy and other emerging energy, rail locomotive, aerospace, 3G / 4G visual communications, medical equipment, electronic equipment, food machinery, mechanical parts, sealing products and other industries.

    Exxson Group passed ISO 9001: 2008 quality system certification, ISO140001 (environmental management system certification), OHSAS18001 (Occupational Health and Safety System), got Tianjin high - tech enterprises certificate. The company has applied 300 patented products, owned 198 patented products used in large-scale wind power equipment in the world. And the company set up its own laboratory, with the product of precision testing capabilities. Exxson service-lift has been used by the major well-known enterprises, using all Goracon technology from Germany, has a close relationship with Siemens, Europe and the United States customers. The lift also passed CE(Europe)、UL、GS、3C and some other certificate. Using foreign advanced technology and the domestic sales model, not only reduce the cost for customers, but also assure the quality. The energy-saving environmental protection LED lights produced by Exxson, three anti-lights, aviation obstruction lights, waterproof junction boxes and other products have been successfully used in many domestic and foreign turbine. The company's independent R&D blue color cable entry system in the industry has a very good reputation, has apply for 15 kind of certification, 100% accurate for wind power equipment. Praised by the Gold wind, Guodian, Xiangdian and other large wind power cooperation enterprises.

    Exxson supplies all the inner parts for wind tower, provide one-stop purchase for wind turbine and tower manufacturers. Our products include a complete set of inner parts, the full range. The customers only need to purchase in one supplier of Exxson. Exxson supply all the inner parts for wind tower to Gold wind, Guodian, Huarui, XEMC and other large wind power companies. In the meanwhile, in order to better serve different industries users, the company also independently developed a set of ERP electronic resources system. We use of advanced online inventory transmission system, efficient way to ensure that all customer orders in the shortest possible time to get accurate answers and stable and safe transport, truly achieve "people-oriented, customer first" service policy.

    A high human cohesion is the fundamental source of the Group, and the excellent corporate culture is the core and essence of the group. Exxson adhering to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, integration, tolerance, innovation, respect employees, respect knowledge, respect individuality, takes the staff as the company's greatest wealth. Pay attention to the harmony between human and enterprise, built the Exxson Group "pragmatic, efficient, united and enterprising" spirit of enterprise.
    Exxson owns most advanced technology in the manufacturing industry field , can produce and process variety of materials with any size. Rely on the unique and excellent production technology, Exxson can provide a variety of personalized customer-specific products in accordance with the wishes and needs of customers . The whole manufacturing process uses independent R&D and produced tools, mold, relying on the most advanced design, development and testing process to ensure that the high quality. Exxson as an independent production group enterprises, to ensure stable product delivery and protect the quality, the company has a mature after-sales technical network, as per customer needs, timely feedback a professional technical solutions to answers and share the worry for customers . Our service concept "respect the customers, understand customers, continue to provide the products and service to customers beyond the expectations, to be the forever partners of the customers!
    Pass the value, achieve you and me, create brilliant together!