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      Yu Chunsheng, general manager at Exxson Group New

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      Dear colleagues, customers, partners, the community and friends:

      Gold Swiss sheep sent away the winter, Monkey coming with auspicious spring. In the coming year, on behalf of the Exxson Group Co., Ltd. to long-term care, support, help and all sectors of our customers, partners, etc. Exxson express my sincere thanks and extend my best wishes for the New Year!

      Exxson from its inception in 2007, through the full nine years. In the new 2016, we adhere to the "quality-oriented" total quality management focus; we always highly concerned about the market and customer demand, continue to provide quality products and services to create greater value for customers.

      Finally, I wish everyone in the new year, good health, success in work, happy family!








      Exxson Group Stock Co.,Ltd: Yu Chunsheng

      Feb. 5th, 2016