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      Energy conservation, Exxson has been in action

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      Conservation of resources is China's basic national policy, but also the enterprises to implement the scientific concept of development, improve the quality and efficiency of economic development, enhance their core competitiveness of the fundamental requirements. For this reason, this year the company around business management, technological innovation and energy saving targets a lot of work and achieved good results and focus on energy conservation to start meeting with the theme, as follows:

      First, earnestly implement the "Energy Conservation Law" and "Energy Conservation Ordinance" as the fundamental, pay close attention to basic management

      Adhere to grasp the energy management system, organizational and institutional system, to make energy management step by step in an orderly manner. On the energy conservation organization we have established by the competent manager of the relevant departments and junior officers of the three energy management network, established a leading group of energy saving, energy management to cover the production team and grassroots various positions, so full participate. In the management system, we have established in accordance with national and municipal laws and regulations and improve their system and evaluation system, so that the energy management work rules to follow.

      Second, close to technology to save, reducing energy consumption by technological progress

      We always adhere to scientific and technological innovation and technological progress as an important means to save resources, reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency, promote development, adhere to scientific and technological progress and realize the connotation of development, so that energy conservation efforts to implement the grassroots level. Promote the use of sophisticated emission reduction equipment, such as: the organic waste treatment system, the application of activated carbon fiber and activated carbon adsorption, solvent absorption, cooling and other condensate recovery technology and direct combustion, catalytic combustion, biological oxidation, plasma destruction destruction technologies.

      Third, highlight key energy conservation, detailed management measures

      Firstly, each department set up corresponding leading group of energy saving, energy-saving measures and develop specific management practices, providing organizational and institutional guarantee for the energy-saving work, but also to achieve control energy costs, to inhibit consumption of excessive growth management objectives for the next evaluation system to establish a conservation-oriented enterprises, the establishment of work related to resource conservation and rational utilization management system has laid a solid foundation.

      Secondly, the various departments of the company focused on strengthening the water, electricity, vehicles, office supplies and other oil facilities and supplies management, and actively strive to use information technology to achieve a paperless office, to eliminate "long light", "long water" and other waste phenomenon, summer air temperature remains below 26 degrees Celsius.

      Thirdly, each department has also developed energy-saving targets assessment rules will be included in the annual assessment of energy consumption indicators among the various departments, down to every level to implement the objectives, the introduction of energy-saving work long-term mechanism to avoid only the pursuit of the mission objectives short-term behavior, to ensure the continuity and effectiveness of the work, so that energy saving can focus on their long-term goals and interests.

      Looking back on this energy-saving work carried out by Exxson, we deeply understand: saving energy is the solid foundation for survival and development, is to improve the competitiveness of enterprises an effective way, more enterprises can not shirk social responsibility. We want to use this opportunity to develop efforts to achieve energy savings of the city, reduce consumption, the overall goal of building a conservation-oriented society, although the goal is very difficult, but we have the determination and confidence, building on existing work, in accordance with the Municipal Construction Commission uniform requirements and deployment, further intensify energy conservation, to achieve higher goals new.