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      Wuqing, deputy Mayor-- come to visit our company

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      March 2, 2016 morning, together with Wuqing deputy Mayor, Wuqing Science Committee vice-present and so on, three leaders come to visit Exxson Group Inc. to conduct research.

      Leaders of both parties visited the company plant.

      Exxson leaders expressed a warm welcome and made a brief introduction of the development of the Group and the Group's market operation in Tianjin. Qu Haifu, deputy mayor briefly introduces the development of Wuqing District, highly spoke the comprehensive strength and brand image of the Group. He noted that Exxson Group in Tianjin, responsible for construction of a number of large projects, good projects, especially the construction of the development of Tianjin Wuqing District, made a positive contribution. He stressed that in the future course of development, the Group will continue to carry forward the spirit of Exxson, strengthen cooperation and exchanges between the two sides, the government and enterprises to promote win-win dedicate greater force.

      They also visit LED workshop

      Firstly, they visited the factory and the Exxson office and other places, gave a high evaluation to the company's exclusive shop interiors, high-end equipment, and advanced management concepts.

      Subsequently, Qu Fuhai, deputy head visit the company's advanced laboratory and inspection system hall products invention patents, the Exxson and promote righteousness, hard work, thrift, and development of class struggle the dominant ideology of the corporate culture in the affirmative.

      Leaders listened the report of Exxson's development and technological innovation situation In the exhibition hall.

      After the visit, the visiting leader and Exxson started discussions on Exxson conference room. Forum, deputy mayor delivered an important speech, stressed in his speech the Wuqing superior geographical advantages and convenient traffic conditions is an important guarantee for the smooth development of the tertiary industry in the future. Also requires all enterprises in the development bottlenecks encountered, the need for timely questions to the authorities, the government will give policy support under the circumstances.

      Company managers introduced Exxson development, and expounded wonderful Exxson Group always adhere to the science and technology to improve product safety and quality; innovation and meet the major challenges and risks; provide competitive products, continuing to create greater value for customers as a business mission.

      After discussion, the deputy mayor expressed alarmed and admiration to the growth of nine years, confidence in the future development of Exxson, Exxson Group and wished greater achievements in the future development.