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      Warmly celebrate the new plant founed in Economic

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      March 4, 2016, Xingtai City, Hebei provience held a key group project groundbreaking ceremony, followed by the commencement ceremony of our company and Qinghe district signed, Hebei Exxson Electric Co,n Ltd. wind energy and high-speed rail projects. Attend Qinghe county party secretery and county mayor and Exxson group Manager, and so on.

      Groundbreaking ceremony site

      Project Gallery

      Our company and the Hebei Qinghe government signed on December 2nd, 2015 Hebei Exxson Electric Co., wind energy and high-speed rail equipment project agreement, the project total investment of 350 million yuan, is located in Qinghe Road Economic Development Zone, south of the public to play, covering 150 acres. The principal wind energy, solar energy, nuclear energy, rail vehicles and other new energy related supporting fan elevators, lifting platforms, rail vehicles and electrical equipment with cables and other ancillary products. After the completion of the project, the estimated annual sales income will reach 10 million.

      Plant aerial view


      The construction of Hebei new plant closely around the "Thirteen Five" plan and the basic principle of "Thirteen Five" plan preliminary studies major issue. Clung to "Thirteen Five" period on the plan set forth the concept of green development, a separate "adhere to green development, efforts to improve the ecological environment" chapter. From the promotion of harmony between man and nature, accelerate the construction of the main functional areas, promote low-carbon development cycle, a comprehensive conservation and efficient use of resources, efforts to improve the environment, build a strong security barrier six ecological aspects, we can see the "green development" the importance of being referred to an unprecedented height. Promote the development of low-carbon cycle, promoting energy revolution, to accelerate energy technology innovation, building a low-carbon clean, safe and efficient modern energy system. Increase the proportion of non-fossil energy, coal and other fossil fuels to promote the clean and efficient use. Accelerate the development of wind, solar, biomass, hydro, geothermal, safe and efficient development of nuclear power.

      The construction of the new plant in Hebei, is close to the era of energy conservation policy, but also to create more interest Exxson. Exxson is willing to create wealth, contributing to society, contribute to the economic strength of the country at the same time and eventually become a global leader in value-creating company.