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      The customers at home and abroad customers come to visit Exxson

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      In the pleasant spring season, Exxson ushered in the domestic and foreign customers to visit, Exxson Chairman Yu Chunsheng, German and domestic technical engineers accompanied the visit to the Exxson servicelift manufacture plant. Germany technical engineer Jens Czekalla and Andre Altholtmann introduced the details of the production line layout, product configuration, features and selling points, and recommended a variety of customized products, highlighting  Exxson’s technology, production and assembly capacity and the constant pursuit of the development of innovative goals, in addition to manufacture standard lift, but also we can meet customer special custom needs,  Customers test the rope guide and ladder guide series of lifts on-site, the test results have been highly valued by customers. Subsequently, the two sides discussed on the details of future cooperation, reached a preliminary consensus.


      The customers at home and abroad customers come to visit Exxson


      Germany Technical Engineer Jens Czekalla, Andre Altholtmann introduces the service lift to the customer


      Exxson famous as the design and manufacture specializes in  high access "G-products", tower service lifts, concrete tower-mounted platforms, climbing aids, G-smartrac, electric hoists, tower cranes,and external maintenance and boiler maintenance equipment. Exxson through deep knowledge and analysis to high access field , grasp high access intelligent, energy-saving development trends. In the rapid development market, will continue to provide more and more suitable for market demand new technologies, new product.