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    Exxson Group

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    Germany Goracon Company Executives visit Exxson Group

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    On October 18th, Gerd Fischer, CEO of Goracon, and Jens Czekalla, Director of Sales, visited Exxson Group. Exxson Group Chairman, Yu Chunsheng, warmly hosted Gerd Fischer and Jens. The two parties communicate on the details of the cooperation of platform for concrete tower setup, lifts, free climber and other products’ characteristics, configuration and marketing.


    Germany Goracon CEO visited Exxson Group's new plant

    Then the customer visited the Exxson Group’s new plant, the new plant area of 20,000 square meters, of which 10,000 square meters of plant will be used for the production of concrete tower platform and lift manufacturing line. The completion of the new construction of the Exxson Group will strengthen the R & D and market exchange with international customers, laying a solid foundation for Exxson Group to internationalize.


    Germany Goracon company executives visit Cooper servicelift production workshop

    Goracon's two executives’ visit, deeply understanding of the Exxson Group, Cooper company’s ability, R&D and manufacturing strength in the concrete tower installation platform, lifts, free climber and other wind power industry aerial. Mr. Gerd Fischer made a high evaluation to Exxson Group’s production Configuration skills, technological innovation team, scientific concept of development and rich experience in services.