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    4. Exxson Group

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      Socially beneficial way to operate and manage
      Exxson Group, was founded in July 2003, the restructuring in December 2009, the headquarters base located in Tianjin Hi-tech Development Zone, the headquarters base Wuqing No. C12. Today Exxson Group is a set of product development, production, sales, service one-stop mode of operation of the group of companies. Companies in the development process experienced a major event is a milestone on the road to enterprise development and turning points, we should always remember.
      2007:Exxson Metal Products Co., Ltd. of Tianjin Wuqing Huanghua Town Road 75, the government set up. Held in the same month the company listing ceremony. Immediate investment of 600 million yuan Exxson (Tianjin) Metal Products Co., Ltd. started production.
      2009:Exxson (Beijing) Investment Co., Ltd. was set up in Beijing's Haidian District. Mainly to do investment business, for example: financial investment, financial, engineering, investment, equity participation, the development needs of industry mergers and Group companies.
      2010:Exxson (Changzhou) Polymer Technology Co., Ltd. in Changzhou, Jiangsu Hehai West Road No. 269 was established. Mainly the production of polymer materials, rubber sheet, cutting products, self-adhesive sealing strip and its various products.
      2010:Exxson (Hebei) Rubber Products Co., Ltd. was set up in Hebei Qinghe. Mainly produces all kinds of sealing strips, molded rubber products and related products.
      2011:In order to unify management of the Group, the Tianjin Branch of Industry and Commerce Administration approved Wuqing, the original "Metal Products Co., Ltd. Tianjin Exxson" Since May 6, 2011 changed its name to "Exxson (Tianjin) Metal Products Co., Ltd." and has applications picking up its revised business license.
      2012:Exxson (Tianjin) Metal Products Co., Ltd. and the need for long-term development, the company moved to address industrial manufacturing Wuqing Xing Guang Industrial Park Road, covers an area of 9300 square meters.
      2012:Exxson (Qingdao) Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in Qingdao City, Ning Road 58 was established. The main production of various electrical components, instrumentation and related components and smart grids.
      2013:Exxson (Dalian) Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. in the "Pearl of the North" was set up in Dalian. The main production of various chassis cabinets, sheet metal structural parts and other products. Thus marks Exxson Group's operating scope to develop real estate projects, financial planning investment, metal products, polymers, rubber, energy technology and electrical technology and many other fields.