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    4. Exxson Group

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      Promote righteousness and hard work
      Exxson Group has always put corporate culture as an important part of business survival, through sound organizational system and a wealth of cultural activities to make ideological and political work and the integration of corporate culture to promote righteousness, hard work, thrift, and development of class struggle as the guiding ideology, formed a unique Exxson corporate culture.
      Enterprise Mission
      "Quality First, the credibility of the" continuous complete Improve the management system to ensure product quality, Improve service quality, improve the credibility of the company, So that customers, employees, the Group achieve win-win.
      Corporate mission
      Science and technology to improve product safety and quality; to Innovation to meet major challenges and risks; provide Competitive products, continuous innovation to customers Create greater value.
      Corporate Vision
      Aims to become a global leader in value-creating Group of companies.
      Core philosophy
      Create wealth and contributing to society for the motherland through Economic contribution to the force.
      Spirit of enterprise
      Pragmatic, efficient, unity, progress
      Company Philosophy
      Delivering value, achievements you, create brilliant.
      Employing the concept
      Emphasis on personal qualities, team fine God, a good sense of service, strong communication ability Force.
      Business philosophy
      Companies are committed to staff, the staff really The real meaning of customer.