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    4. Exxson Group

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      Exxson since the creation of the Group

      Has a good reputation, a solid pace, the rapid momentum, and gradually developed into a metal, polymer science and technology, rubber products, electrical and mechanical technology, investment, energy technology six pillar industries. We always uphold the "integrity of life, professional work" service. We deeply realize: a long-term business only faith can survive, only innovation can continue to develop, only in the constant pursuit of excellence in the process in order to achieve business value and for companies to create brilliant.
      Exxson Group is a learning, growth-oriented enterprises, and in the study of innovation (including thinking, innovation, product innovation, market innovation and management innovation), our business strategy, internal management, marketing concept, mode of operation, the core technology and other aspects have gradually expose the Group of companies demeanor. Through standardized management, scientific work, and promote the development of enterprises, improve the efficiency of enterprises.
      The company's development is inseparable from all employees, precisely because we Exxson Group's concerted efforts dedication, only Exxson Group today. I wish with all employees through thick and thin, and woe; for everyone to do things, good things, for the benefit; growing economies in the company on the basis of efforts to improve employees' work, production and living environment and conditions, and constantly improve their various benefits. Meanwhile Exxson Group is also inseparable from the support of all friends, we are today is that we work together to create and give, Exxson Group, tomorrow is also inseparable from everyone for their support and assistance, we would like to join hands with all walks of life, mutual learning development, and efforts to shape the corporate image, build brand, hand in hand, create brilliant!

      General manager: