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      The demand of high Voltage Switchgear Market break

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      Demand for high-voltage switchgear market trends to some extent depend on the development of the electricity market in recent years, the global demand for power transmission and distribution equipment market overall upward trend, and with the rural power grids, UHV, HVDC and other projects construction, led to the rapid development of China's power transmission and distribution equipment industry.

      Our high-voltage switch industry should be based on building a strong and smart grid as an opportunity to UHVAC ability of independent innovation, promote environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction equipment; should with an emphasis of UHV transmission technology and advanced electrical equipment and integrated technology for the development and strive in the superconducting by the research to early advanced electrical equipment and integrated technology; efforts to promote industrial structure optimization, upgrade, and further enhance the industry overall technological level and international competitiveness, and strive to achieve the changes of high-voltage switch industry from large to strong.

      Large enterprise in high voltage switch industry, further research technology the core technology of special high-voltage switchgear and key components to achieve ultra-high voltage equipment based on domestic, independent research and development, the full realization of the goal of localization. Combined with the smart grid, digital substation, distribution automation and other construction, and vigorously promote the intelligent switching equipment. Due to high voltage switchgear intelligent technology industry is still weak, it is suggested to develop after the easier development, such as: first, the development of the distribution network with intelligent circuit breaker, and then developed with a distribution network of intelligent switchgear, smart grid GIS, GCB and other components, such as intelligence, focusing on research and development in the switching primary equipment and secondary control of the overall integration and interface technologies.





      (Source: Machinery Network)