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      Market demand for the instrumentation industry wil

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      Recently, domestic testing, analysis and other scientific instruments are keeping more than 20% increase. In the instrumentation industry, special equipment, testing equipment market situation is excellent, the industry boom high, especially self-developed automated test equipment is widely optimistic.

      Testing equipment, optical instruments, power meters, variable resistors, drive, filters, heat exchangers, monitors and other types of products, taken a larger proportion of trading market. At present, China's instrumentation applications everywhere, the market demand for the instrumentation industry has gradually increased.

      Because the national urban and rural power grids driven, domestic electrical instrumentation market is undergoing a series of changes. Domestic market demand analysis electrical instrumentation products is widely applied, the power sector is the largest user of electrical instrumentation products. Reports from the power supplies department said: At present, in the energy measurement instruments and systems, the user needs mainly is 86 series inductiive meter, and the demand for electronic energy meter with single phase is expected to be as with big upside.

      Market demand for precision meter will tend to shrink, portable meter entire demand will decrease, too. The requirements of the product are mainly concentrated in the instrument appearance, structure design, expansion of application fields, improve reliability and so on. Focus on digital instrumentation development is to improve reliability.

      Demand forecasts and price trend, nowadays the production capacity of domestic electrical instrumentation products have serious surplus, the whole industry is in the low-profit status. However, some high-tech products will have a significant competitive advantage, such as electronic power meters and other cost-effective compared with the old product.




      (Source: China Industry Research Network)