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      The development of domestic industrialization driv

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      In China, the pressure of development of fasteners is becoming more and more from resources and the environment, an important way to alleviate resource constraints is the development of green manufacturing. Development of fasteners, the coming period will continue to move in the direction of brand management to actively promote, promote all-round development of the fastener projects. On the product, the quality of high-end products will accelerate the localization of R & D, all the manufacture processes, including design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, should consider waste minimization, lowest emissions, maximum utilization of resources and minimal environmental impact so that the business and social benefits coordination optimization; in terms of circulation, explore patterns of various value-added services, the value and benefits for customers. From providing a single set of fasteners to mechanical fastening solutions, customized services, remote monitoring, and the service in the fastener manufacturing sales will gradually increase.

      Along with the deepening of reform and opening, China's fastener market competition increasingly fierce, many foreign companies continue to enter the Chinese market, and rooted in our landing, using of our cheap labor, the production of its branded products get higher profits. Under such pressure, how to make our products not be suppressed, and development better and better, which become a big problem many companies need to think. China is also a lack of big brands, which also need to deal with, so many companies come into the Chinese market from abroad, which means more of the fastener company needs constantly to break their own, to make their own a capable with international market integration. Such pressure, is very helpful to the development of our fasteners.

      You can see compared to foreign companies, a lot of fasteners manufacture mainly lack of big brands, which lets us competition is relatively poor in the fastener market, so the country choose to use the familiar price war, but because it is in China's fastener market. Therefore, the price war to our country’s company has not much advantage, then the best way is to create big brands for high-strength screw , have their own ideas, be able to integrate with international fasteners, so that competition in the market will become more powerful.

      Intensification or fine growth way is to improve technological progress and management efficiency and make it plays a dominant role in the growth, outlook is increasing value-added, increasing profits. Because if relying on investments, despite an increase in output, but also increase the cost, which is not sustainable. The current problem is that the entrepreneurial environment and the government's management of science and technology education there is considerable defects.

      As long as we are able to build up the good institutional and policy environment through reforms and  innovation, fully able to make the fasteners’ technology and value-added level has a significantly improved in not too long period. Currently the world's advanced level fasteners are facing large or small, technology breakthroughs, China fastener if we can seize this golden opportunity to play to their strengths, develop some high-quality products with international competitiveness, but also entirely possible.




      From (Global Hardware Network)