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      Chinese wind turbine rapidly growth, driven operat

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      Operation and maintenance of wind power are gradually emerging as a fast growing market. Is expected to 2022, China wind farm operation and maintenance costs will grow to $ 3 billion / year.

      Up to now, China's wind power installed capacity of more than 100 GW, equivalent to the installed fan around 65,000 units. 2020 target of 200 GW of installed capacity, which means that Chinese fans will be more than 30 units a day rate of growth in the future.

      End of last year, China is already the world's largest wind power market. Large market and a huge fan of installed capacity, which means that operating and maintenance costs. Currently, wind farm operation and maintenance costs of about $ 500 million per year, but with the growth of the running time, operation and maintenance costs will continue to grow.

      Predicts that by 2022 China's total wind turbine installed capacity will reach 250GW, operation and maintenance of these wind farms for machine operators, service companies and other third Fang Yunwei market participants is not only a great challenge, but also a vast reservoir business opportunities.

      China currently has more than 90 third Fang Yunwei companies active in the market. However, the third Fang Yunwei service provider's quality of service and skill levels, more than two-thirds over the past two years before entering the operation and maintenance market. Fierce competition in the market will lead to those low level of technology, the company gradually less money out of the market.

      So far, this market has not attracted much attention, partly because of China's wind power installed capacity only began to grow rapidly in the last decade, partly because of a large number of wind turbine warranty period has been extended to run.

      In addition, the model for future operation and maintenance which the dominant issue, there are also differences. Most machine operators and third-party service companies believe that developers will continue to dominate their own maintenance mode operation and maintenance of the wind power market. Most developers are showing their own operation and maintenance continue to dominate the market outside the recognition outsourcing operation and maintenance will be the main mode of the future.




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