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      Demand of gasket seal products in the United State

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      Freedonia Group recently released a report that US  gasket and sealing products demand is expected  an annual growth rate of 4.6% to reach $ 9.6 billion in 2016, which is much higher than during the 2006 to 2011 growth rate. Infrastructure spending, automobile production, and healthy development of the capital expenditure and production machinery, gaskets and seals will undoubtedly greatly beneficial to manufacturers. Better performance of the gaskets and seals used in an amount increasing with advanced materials, which provides a sealing material than conventional longer life, but also will stimulate the market sales.

      Among all gaskets and seals products, the growth of compression packing, body seals, and expanded graphite gaskets will be the strongest h in 2016. Compressed packaging machinery output and demand will be stimulated to increase capital spending. Rise in automobile production will be the main factor driving body seal demand, expanded graphite gaskets because of its resistance to chemicals and excellent high temperature performance, light weight, will continue to replace traditional cushioning material in a variety of motor vehicles and mechanical devices. Its expected, in gaskets and seals market, marine and rail market will grow most rapidly in 2016. Alternative considerable sales opportunities, ships and rail equipment shipments positive outlook will support sales growth. However, due to the larger share of other automotive and machinery industry in overall demand in dollar terms their growth will also be much stronger. Rise and rise in the number of motor vehicle use in automobile production will boost sales of related products, gaskets and seals. In addition, the increasing use of better performance, more expensive gaskets and seals will further promote the growth of the market value. Mechanical seals and gaskets growth will be a huge demand for aftermarket support, but it also reflects the many mechanical products harsh operating conditions, as well as the reality of machinery production increased with rising capital expenditures.




      (Source: plastic web)