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    4. Exxson Group

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      Socially beneficial way to operate and manage
      Exxson Group has formed a green development, green procurement, green production, green marketing and sustainable development business model. Companies to produce energy saving as an important priority, in parts procurement, product design, production and sales process, the company actively adopt new technology, the choice of energy-saving, environmental protection, electrical and mechanical equipment, to minimize the resource occupancy and consumption, to minimize changes to the natural environment, conserve resources, protect the environment and reduce pollution.
      Caring for Employees
      Exxson Group employee needs time to mind, we always strive to put care workers working so deep, painstaking, done, so caring heart throughout each employee. Exxson convinced that only the interest of employees effectively implemented, safeguard a harmonious working environment in order to allow employees relaxed and work smoothly.
      We regularly organize games, get-togethers and other kinds of sports and entertainment activities, and organize staff travel to create a relaxed atmosphere pleasurable activities, conducted education in culture and recreation, education through a variety of beneficial cultural activities. Efforts to provide employees with good working and leisure environment, stimulate the collective consciousness of workers and team spirit, enhance cohesion.
      October 2008: Company's staff to the saying of the first, the "China National Mountain""World mountain" repu tation Taishan tourism.
      April 2009: The company organized workers Games, carried out table tennis, badminton, basketBall, soccer and many other cultural and recreational activities.
      October 2011: The company organized staff to known as the "world Jiuzhaigou" one of the BadalingGreat Wall tour.
      August 2012: The company organized staff to Qinhuangdao "summer resort" Beidaihe resort Travel.

      Job creation
      Currently, the practice has become difficult to colleges and college students face a common problem, Exxson Group signed with major institutions for undergraduate internship employment platform, Exxson Group as a training base, to provide students with internship positions to help college students a clear career plan.
      To mitigate Graduates Employment, Exxson Group carried out for many years in college graduates in campus recruitment, the cumulative creation of 276 jobs.