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    4. Exxson Group

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      Enterprises to fully enjoy the fruits of
      development experience
      Talent Strategy
      Exxson Group always adhere to the "people-oriented" concept, for different types of employees to provide equal opportunity for promotion, according to the company different categories, levels of job requirements, set the management type and service type two career development, so that all employees have a sustainable development career path.
      Career Opportunities
      Exxson Group provides a broad ability to display space to encourage Exxson employees on this platform to obtain personal achievement. Group has a management, technology, marketing, training, consulting and other professional systems, each system contains different career ladder. Employees of different occupations within the company system, to find a platform for their own career.
      All aspects of training
      Staff training is divided into new employee training, management training, training of high-potential professionals through training, performance management, work practices and the development of interpersonal relationships of these four methods to develop the ability of employees and improved. In order to continuously improve the overall quality of employees in the training process, the Group continued to improve training, and constantly on the training content and approach to innovation, and gradually establish and improve the development of the training system for the company.
      Promotion opportunities
      In order to enhance the quality and capacity of individual employees to fully mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of all employees of the company through fair and just competition and evaluation mechanism, to take "the ladder promotion" and "special promotion" programs combining boldly talents, to fully tap potential employees, a reasonable allocation of human resources, eclectic use of personnel.
      Humane care
      Group has always been to improve employees' work, life and leisure entertainment environment, efforts to improve the income level of the majority of employees, improve the general well-being of employees, and enhance the general staff of the Group's identity, sense of belonging, pride and loyalty. Allow employees to be happy in their work, in a job, grow up, be able to fully enjoy the experience of business development results.